Forestry and Agriculture

With Mappost, forestry & agriculture organizations automatically adapt to industry-specific requirements

The Mappost customizable solution combines advanced, powerful algorithms with the latest scientific discoveries in graph theory, field worker data and real-life records and constraints, to ensure resource optimization and flexible adaptation of routes to current and future needs.

Mappost takes into account the industry-specific requirements and seasonality of forestry and agriculture operations. The system considers almost an unlimited number of real-life conditions, business operations and company-specific criteria, like uneven resource allocation and geographical distribution, uneven demand, wide range of specific materials, road network changes due to weather conditions, regional differences and many more.

Mappost’s flexibility and the fact that it will always adapt to the needs of your company make it an excellent choice for the future.

The system helps forestry and agriculture companies optimize and fully control their operations, react to rapidly changing business and operational environment and legislative regulations, keep their stakeholders satisfied, as well as reduce costs and impact on the environment.

Why Choose Mappost

We have over 8 years of experience providing solutions dedicated to agricultural and forestry businesses, solving complex issues and dealing with the industry’s rules and regulations

We have an in-depth know-how on the industry’s specific and practical challenges and limitations, including team members with hands-on experience in the industry

Business and operational empathy developed by working with a wide array of clients on projects of different sizes and complexity levels

The system provides integrations, automation of processes, accountability and control, streamlining agricultural and forestry projects

Enjoy The Following Benefits

Effective optimization algorithms custom-built specifically for the forestry industry and self-adjustable for specific needs

Route and resource optimization based on all active contracts, transportable volumes and varying real-life restrictions

Extensive experience with the development of system integrations and maintenance of seamless data flows within large companies

Advanced real-time task management and logistics control which enables centralized resource collection and distribution

Excellent resource monitoring and fraudulent behaviour preventing features, such as task fulfilment control, photo evidence requirements and possible further control using Bluetooth beacons

Ability to integrate users in the logistics flows quickly and efficiently and adjust fleet according to seasonality, thus ensuring optimization

Access to the exact serviceable point locations, as well as to approaching instructions recorded by field staff

Real-time digital fleet tracking

Route navigation

Intuitive, easy to use solutions to the industries' practical challenges and requirements, which are applied automatically, taking away from human pressure

Reports and statistics regarding:

Task fulfillment and visual control of routes (departure time, customer visit time, distance, time, delay, expected corrected visit time, etc.)

The emptying of containers

Task fulfillment statuses

Deviations from the plan

Want Even More Than The Above?

Discover our sophisticated features


Mappost software and algorithms model countless scenarios, contributing to planning and data-driven decision making. The system adapts to your company-specific business model and data structure. It considers existing company data – active harvesting and mill/terminal points, fleet size, specific equipment restrictions and capacities, road weight limits, drivers’ hours and working time, legislative regulations, etc. – and calculates the resources needed for each scenario. This way, it enables logistics process managers to choose the optimal routes and plan ahead while monitoring costs and being in control of meeting customer demand.


Mappost generates collection or delivery schedules that agricultural and forestry managers may share. These may always be reoptimized, depending on changing data and real operations. New tasks may be added at any time.


Mappost experts have proven to provide high-level custom solutions and integrations according to client needs and practical challenges. This involves integrations with CRM, ERP systems and their industry-specific modules, GIS systems, automated information exchange systems and real-time data flows between customers and industry players, as well as automated data transmission to business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse (DWH) systems.

What To Expect When Working With Us?


Attention to your needs

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We start each collaboration by diving deep into the company's needs, its existing operational processes and data structures. Our goal is to fully understand and correctly assess each step in your forestry or agricultural flow from different perspectives (dispatchers’, truck drivers’, farmers’, clients’, etc.) and identify improvements.

A customized implementation plan

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Once we have a deep understanding of client’s unique needs, processes and data, we develop a custom implementation plan. Here, we take very much into account each client's absorption capacity and possible integrations. This means that we follow the pace of the organization, implementing or approaching things step by step.

Support in data gathering and exchange

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Based on our extensive experience, we assist our clients in the data gathering, exchange and integrations process. Our goal is to build efficient data flows that ensure real-time availability of all necessary data and flexibility to adapt to all future requirements.

Collaboration with your employees

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To ensure that the end users make the most of Mappost, our dedicated team offers shadow support, working together with users, to help them understand the system and employ it to their benefit. This involves actual field trips and being part of the company's daily activities.

Bespoke solutions

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We customize Mappost according to your company’s specific needs and ensure full integration with your ERP, CRM task management systems, as well as your data warehouses. This way, you and your team benefit from a secure solution that enables you to fully digitize your real-life operations and benefit from the full control over on-going processes.

Outstanding support

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After the implementation we continue working alongside our clients, assisting and supporting them to ensure the adoption process is a smooth, efficient one and customers can benefit from our experience.