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Moving towards a greener future with optimized route and
resource management

About Us

Mappost, a cloud-based SaaS route planning software, solves high complexity optimization tasks that contain multitude of changing real-life constrains in various business applications. Since the founding of Mappost in 2013, the system has been designed and developed following the needs of the best-practice companies and processes.

Guided by our client requirements and powered by incredibly talented experts, we are continuously developing exceptional solutions that are redefining dispatch management. We provide businesses with digital transformation, data-driven decision making, logistics route planning automation and transparent monitoring of operations.

Mappost clients represent wide range of industries worldwide, from forestry, agriculture, vending and food deliveries to advanced waste management, communal and road maintenance services used both by public and private institutions.

We adapt our solutions to industry and company specifics, and combine it with best-in-class optimization capabilities to empower our clients with a truly intelligent routing software.

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What We Offer

  • Existing route and resource management process assessment using data and geospatial analysis

  • Development of a custom implementation plan including custom data integrations

  • Support in implementation and change management

  • A powerful, innovative, fully integrated routing optimization software

  • Real-time dispatch management and monitoring using Mappost mobile application

  • Diverse and flexible set of company-specific configurable parameters and restrictions

  • Flexibility to adapt to all current and future operational requirements

  • Improved customer relationship management, process control and transparency

  • Reduced company’s CO2 emmissions and logistics costs by up to 20%

Mappost’s biggest strength lays in its outstanding team of professional talent

As a team, we hold extensive experience in software development, process and system
analysis, statistics, geographic information systems, and customer-centric project management.
We uphold long-term cooperation with our employees which ensures expertise and trust in
our service and product

The People Who Guarantee
Our Success

Mārtiņš Vimba


Mārtiņš has over 20 years of management experience in geographic information technology industry. He has extensive experience in successfully implementing route planning and optimization projects in large corporate organizations.

His passion for data-driven decision-making and geospatial analysis makes him an inspirational leader for the whole Mappost team.

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