Waste Management Software

Mappost waste management software enables refuse and recycling companies to take route optimization and planning to the next level

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Mappost software for waste management is a customizable solution that combines powerful, advanced algorithms with the latest scientific discoveries in graph theory, field worker data, and real-life records and constraints. The result is a comprehensive waste management solution that ensures flexible route adaptation to current and future needs.

Mappost waste management solutions approach waste collection from a 360-degree perspective, focusing on far more than simply optimizing your waste management schedule by address. The system adapts routes to real-life conditions, considering an almost unlimited number of company-specific criteria, including traffic rules, collection logic, coordinates of the waste collection point, types of waste, and much more.

Mappost is Flexibile, Fully Adaptable to Your Needs, and an Excellent Choice for the Future

The system helps waste management companies optimize their operations by building a waste management pickup schedule and reacting to rapidly changing business environments and legislative regulations. Mappost’s waste logistics solution keeps stakeholders satisfied, as well as reduces costs and environmental impact through lowered CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, residents will benefit from reduced noise and less congested roads.


Operations Efficiency


Planning Costs


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Why Choose Mappost Waste Management Software?

We have over 8 years of experience working with companies in logistics, waste management, and other sectors

We track and ensure collection of more than 150 000 objects

We have delivered complex projects in different legislative and business environments across Europe

Our team includes waste management industry experts with hands-on experience, providing a rapid and unique understanding of the industry specifics and competence required to propose relevant support and solutions

Enjoy the Following Benefits

Route optimization of the garbage collection schedule based on all active contracts, real-life and business constraints

Access to the exact locations of waste containers, and detailed approaching instructions recorded by field workers

Support and automatic recalculation of routes for unplanned visits to landfill or recycling plants

Task assignment and route navigation via the Mappost mobile app

Real-time digital fleet tracking

Integrations to other company’s business support systems, including ERP, CRM and IoT solutions (e.g. RFID)

Additional information for drivers, such as gate codes and keys, notes, additional volumes to be collected, time windows, customer notes and many more

A problem catalog which allows drivers to record issues encountered at each collection point (e.g. closed gates, unleashed dogs or missing bins)

Reports and statistics regarding:

Task fulfillment and visual control of routes (departure time, customer visit time, distance, time, delay, expected corrected visit time, etc.)

The emptying of containers

Task fulfillment statuses

Deviations from the plan

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Want Even More Than the Above?

Discover sophisticated waste management features


Mappost waste management software and algorithms model countless scenarios, contributing to better planning and data-driven decision-making. The system considers existing company data, including active contracts, vehicle volumes and constraints, driver count, working hours and much more. The results are calculated, and resources allocated for each scenario. Logistics process managers can then choose optimal routes and be made aware of every detail, including which landfills to use and where to park vehicles, as well as set collection schedules for each address on their list.


Mappost generates an optimized and sharable annual collection schedule. New clients can be added anytime because Mappost constantly optimizes daily routes with the most up-to-date data.


With Mappost waste management software, dispatchers have 100% control over ongoing routes. Operators can make last-minute changes, receive real-time updates on potential issues and communicate with field teams.

What Should You Expect When Working With Us?


Attention to your needs

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We start each collaboration by deep diving into your company's needs, existing operational processes, and data structures. We aim to fully understand and correctly assess each step in your waste management flow from different perspectives (dispatchers', field workers', clients' etc.) and identify improvements. We can then agree on the best solution based on our experience in waste collection systems and logistics.

A free demo project

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Once we have collected all this data, we prepare a proof-of-concept project, where we analyze and optimize up to 4 of your routes and discuss the results with you, so you can learn precise potential efficiency improvements and feel certain in your investment in waste collection route optimization.

A customized implementation plan

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Once we deeply understand a client's unique needs, processes and data, we develop a custom implementation plan. Here, we consider each client's absorption capacity and possible integrations, following the pace of your organization and implementing or approaching things in a step-by-step manner.

Collaboration with your employees

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To ensure that end users make the most of Mappost, our dedicated team offers shadow support, working with managers and staff, helping them understand the system and employ it to their benefit, with field trips and by joining your company's daily activities.

Bespoke solutions

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We customize our waste management software system according to your company's specific needs. Mappost ensures full integration with your ERP, CRM, IoT systems as well as your data warehouses. This way, you and your team benefit from a secure solution that enables you to fully digitize your real-life operations and benefit from complete control over ongoing processes.

Outstanding support

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After the implementation, we continue working alongside our clients, assisting and supporting them to ensure the adoption process is smooth and efficient so that customers also benefit from our experience.
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Improve Efficiency and Control With Mappost Advanced Waste Management Software