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with a science-based approach that integrates field worker data and real-life constraints

Discover the customizable solution that solves high complexity route and resource optimization problems and integrates in your business structure.

About Mappost

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Mappost enables clients across the world to automate route planning, as well as optimize tasks and resources.

By combining advanced algorithms with the latest scientific discoveries in graph theory, field worker data and real-life records and constraints, Mappost provides clients with the best, most efficient, customizable solutions.

To do so successfully, throughout each collaboration, we work closely with clients’ associates, to understand their specific needs and unique processes.

Mappost customers experience as much as a 20% increase in efficiency and at least 40% reduction in planning time. This translates into an outstanding value for our clients through cost savings and maximization of operational efficiency as well as contribution to reducing environmental impact via resource savings.

How It Works

Mappost is easy-to-use and intuitive, making it a preferred tool for both your mobile workforce and your office team members. It adds agility and effectiveness to automatic route planning and resource management in order to react to rapidly changing business process environment.

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Our internally developed algorithms automatically plan optimal routes, prioritizing the smallest distances and costs, ensuring users spend the least amount of resources, while also abiding by every restriction, no matter how intricate it might be.

Our internally developed algorithms automatically plan optimal routes

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Field workers use the mobile Android app, which enables them to see the route and tasks, as well as to add real-time observations discovered on the spot.

Field workers use the mobile Android app

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When changes are necessary, Mappost automatically recalculates routes, reallocates resources efficiently, informs field members and integrates feedback for future planning. This way, the solution adjusts to an unstandardized, demanding operational environment.

When changes are necessary, Mappost automatically recalculates routes

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Office employees have full process visibility and may see the plans, and each individual task’s status. By identifying what follows, what is in progress, what is finished and what issues arise, they can assess iterations and understand the impact that real-life changes have on their operations. Moreover, office staff may re-plan and make last minute changes to routes,
thus managing them completely.

Office employees have
full process visibility

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What Can Mappost Do For You?

Provide automatic route planning and resource management

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With each query, Mappost uses powerful mathematical algorithms to test thousands of different scenarios and choose the best, most effective one. It optimizes route planning and solves complex, aggressive issues, which would, otherwise, cost your organization's valuable resources. The solution plans daily workloads, distributes objects to routes, and assists with implementation. It successfully solves elaborate requests and adjusts to restricted time windows, uneven demand, resource shortages, aggressive task fulfilment, limited transportation capacities and more.

Offer a high level of customization

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At Mappost, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand that each company is different and that a client's needs depend on more than just its industry and number of employees. This is why we work with your business’s representatives and field workers to understand your specificity, unique processes, practices and organizational culture. It is only after we immerse ourselves in these, that we adapt our product and consult you to help you truly control and optimize your operations.

Solve real-time problems

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The algorithms developed by our team of in-house programmers and mathematicians ensure Mappost adjusts to real-life restrictions, maximizing route and resource optimization. This means that, through feedback and updates, the field workforce may actively contribute to enhancing operations' success.

Improve iterations through self-learning mechanisms

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Mappost records and accumulates field data, into a dynamic routing system that generates planning predictions, taking into account each client’s operations’ models, times, characteristics and consumption. Based on its advanced self-learning mechanisms, the solution improves future iterations, constantly adding value to users.

Reduce operational costs

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Our research shows that Mappost reduces planning and processing time and costs by at least 40%, bringing significant value to its users and clients.

Ensure flexible adaptation to current and future requirements

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Mappost enables its clients to efficiently adapt to an unlimited number of criteria, including the currently unknown criteria. Therefore, Mappost solution is a safe choice for the future and will always adapt to the real needs of your company.

Decrease your company's carbon footprint

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Reducing environmental impact is a priority for companies nowadays. Mappost enables its clients to reduce CO2 emissions, by optimizing their routes and resources. Lowering emissions and noise pollution means operators can better serve their cities and areas, gaining community support and contributing toward a greener future.

Increase customer satisfaction

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At Mappost, we take pride in our ability to dive deep into customers' needs and their requests, offering a top customer service experience. Our sophisticated system offers timely information and updates about the task completion status thus contributing to happier customers and partners, across the whole chain of operations.


Every industry has its unique challenges and processes. At Mappost, we work to understand them and develop custom-made solutions, depending on each client's needs, as well as on its established business processes, the specific regulatory and routines.

Mappost has intensive experience in various fields, such as: 


Nothing exists in isolation and reliable solutions deliver the best results when intertwined. Therefore, we enable integrations to your company's business systems to digitize your operations and help you benefit from absolute transparency and control over your processes. Mappost experts have successfully connected to a diverse set of IoT data flows, ERP, and CRM platforms, both SaaS and custom-made. Hence, we may rapidly and securely streamline information flows and support your business processes.

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