Mappost discusses waste management digitalization trends at the 10th International Conference on Environmental Protection in Croatia

Waste Management 02.06.2023
Konstantins Makejevs
2 min read

Croatia recently hosted the 10th International Conference on Environmental Protection, titled "Otpad u 21. stoljeću – dragocjen resurs kružnog gospodarstva" (Waste in the 21st Century - Valuable Resource of Circular Economy), in the beautiful city of Poreč.

The conference was hosted by Tehnoeko and Business Media Croatia d.o.o., and aimed to address the challenges faced by local municipalities and waste management companies in establishing effective, sustainable and ESG-compatible waste management systems.

Over 300 participants gathered to discuss various topics related to waste management, including the ambitious goals set by EU directives, the circular economy criteria, and the public's understanding of waste utilization for energy purposes.

Mappost participated in the conference with a presentation. We shared our extensive experience working with digitally advanced and ambitious waste management companies in the competitive markets of the New Nordics.

Konstantins Makejevs, representing Mappost, emphasized the latest trends in waste management optimization from policy, consumer, and business perspectives. The presentation highlighted key aspects such as digitalization, service quality, control, transparency, and online connectivity, including the optimization of waste collection routes to enhance efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, and promote climate-responsible business practices.

Konstantins, sharing his experience, stated:

The positive feedback received from the organizer and the enthusiastic response from the audience were truly rewarding. Our presentation effectively addressed the industry's challenges and provided solutions to achieve a more efficient and sustainable waste management system. We brought the knowledge and experience gained in the New Nordics to the Adriatic region.

Krešimir Kašnar, Managing Director at Tridion d.o.o. represented Mappost on a panel about smart waste.

The 10th International Conference on Environmental Protection served as an important platform for industry professionals, waste management companies, government bodies, local municipalities, and scientific institutions to come together and exchange ideas and experiences. It emphasized the significance of digitalization, optimization techniques, and innovative solutions for improving waste management efficiency.

Mappost's participation in this conference demonstrated our commitment to revolutionizing waste management through powerful large-scale algorithmic route optimization and provided a valuable opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking.

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