Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains our data processing methods and provides information on how the personal data of natural persons are collected and used.

The privacy policy is being complied with and applied in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter - the Regulation).

Your data controller

Ltd Mappost (hereinafter referred to as – Mappost) is the data Controller, being responsible for the security and processing of data being at its disposal.

Employees of Mappost, who have access to information identifying persons, shall be required to ensure information protection in accordance with the privacy policy, for example, not to use information for purposes other than the provision of services requested for the customer and implementation of legitimate interests of the Controller.

Data collected and used by Mappost

Your data shall be processed for the following purposes:

  • fulfilment of contractual obligations;
  • to personalise your access to the system;
  • to reply to your questions and provide information to you;
  • to prepare statistics about the use of the internet site;
  • to provide appropriate services;
  • to restore services based on subscription;
  • to provide customer support (we may also collect additional information in order to study and provide replies to questions);
  • to analyse characteristic quantities of our customers, in order to understand the customer and market needs and develop new products and services, as well as for the needs of marketing communication;
  • to send current information to registered recipients.

Mappost, its employees and contractors shall only use data for the above-mentioned purposes and in order to improve service quality.

Mappost shall also save the contact information of your company, when you deliver your business card during the meeting or event, or when you provide contact information in order to register for events organised by Mappost.

Mappost periodically sends personalised information and direct marketing information corresponding to interests, by e-mail letters. For example, when sending a message, Mappost may collect statistical data regarding the fact of whether you open this message, click on links, what devices you use for opening the message and what the technical features of the device are. The Controller performs it by tracking the saved information about your access to the website of Mappost or through cookies.

Third party systems used for due performance of services

Google inc. tool Firebase Analytics, more information about service rules of these tools and their privacy policy is available at internet site: Firebase analytics privacy.

Customer's rights

A Customer has the right to request Mappost to provide access to his/her personal data and receive detailed information on what personal data are available to Mappost, for what purposes Mappost is processing personal data, the categories of personal data recipients (persons to whom personal data are disclosed or to whom they are intended to be disclosed, unless laws and regulations allow the Controller to provide such information in a particular case (for example, Mappost may not provide information to the Customer regarding the relevant state authorities which are persons directing the criminal procedures, subjects of an investigatory operation or other authorities, the data of which are prohibited to be disclosed by regulatory enactments), information regarding the time period, how long the personal data will be stored, or criteria used for the determination of such period.

If the Customer considers that the information at the disposal of Mappost is out-of-date, incorrect or wrong, the Customer has the right to request the correction of his or her personal data.

The Customer has the right to request the deletion of his or her personal data, or to object to the processing thereof, if the person considers that data have been processed illegally, or they are not necessary anymore in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected and/or processed (upon implementing the right of the principle “to be forgotten”).

Mappost informs that personal data of the Customer cannot be deleted, if personal data processing is necessary:

  • in order for Mappost to protect vitally important interests, including life and health of the Customer or any other natural person;
  • in order to protect the property of Mappost;
  • in order for Mappost or any third person to establish, implement or protect lawful (legal) interests;
  • for the purpose of archiving in conformity with the regulatory enactments in force in Latvia which regulates the establishment of archives.

The Customer has the right to request that Mappost restricts the processing of personal data of the Customer if any of the following circumstances exist:

  • Accuracy of the Personal data is contested by the Customer - for the period necessary for Mappost to verify the accuracy of the mentioned Personal data;
  • the processing is unlawful, and the Customer objects to the deletion of the personal data and requests the restriction of their use instead;
  • the Company does not need personal data for processing anymore, however they are necessary for the Customer in order to bring, exercise or defend lawful claims;
  • the Customer has objected to processing while it is not verified whether the legitimate reasons of the Controller are more important than the legitimate reasons of the Customer.

If you feel that your privacy rights are violated, you may submit a complaint to the relevant supervising authority.

The Customer may submit a request regarding the implementation of his or her rights in the following way:

  • in writing in person, in the premises of Mappost by presenting a personal identity document (such as passport or ID card), because the Customer has a duty to identify himself or herself;
  • in the form of submission by signing it with a secure electronic signature. In such a case it is presumed that the Customer has identified himself or herself by submitting a request, which is signed with a secure electronic signature. At the same time, Mappost shall reserve the right in the case of doubts to request additional information from the Customer, if it considers it necessary;
  • By using a mail consignment. In such case a reply will be drawn up and sent by using a registered letter, thus ensuring that unauthorised persons may not receive such consignment. At the same time, Mappost shall reserve the right in the case of doubts to request additional information from the Customer, if it considers it necessary.

The Customer is obliged to clarify the date, time, place and other circumstances that could help to execute its request, in his or her request, as soon as possible.

After the receipt of a written request of the Customer regarding exercising his or her rights, Mappost shall:

  • verify the identity of a person;
  • assess the request, if:
    – a request may be secured, then the Customer as the person submitting the request may receive a data copy or the requested information;
    – additional information is required in order to identify the Customer who requests the information, then Mappost may request additional information from the Customer in order to be able to correctly select the information, where the Customer is identifiable;
    – the information is deleted or the person who requests the information is not a Customer, or the person may not be identified, Mappost may reject the request in accordance with this Policy and/or laws and regulations.

Measures for the implementation of personal data protection

Mappost ensures, reviews on a regular basis and improves the personal data protection measures in order to protect the personal data of individuals from unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction.

Mappost carefully checks all service providers which process personal data of natural persons on behalf of and in accordance with the assignment of Mappost, and also assesses whether co-operation partners (personal data processors) use appropriate security measures in order for the processing of personal data of natural persons to be performed in conformity with the delegation of Mappost and requirements of laws and regulations.

In the event of a personal data security incident, if it will cause a potentially high risk to the rights and freedoms of the Data Subject, Mappost shall notify the relevant Customer of this, if it will be possible, or the information will be published on the website of Mappost or in any other possible way for example by using the mass media (TV, radio, newspaper, social networks etc.).

Period of storage of data

Mappost uses personal data in accordance with the purpose of data processing for the time period necessary, but the information about your company and operations thereof shall be stored and processed for as long as the organisation represented by you uses the services of Mappost or your application for the service of information receipt or marketing notifications is in force. Mappost tries to ensure to the extent possible that personal data are regularly updated and renewed, but unnecessary data are deleted or the volume thereof is reduced.

Updates of this policy

We may periodically update this policy. Visitors of our websites will always have the updated privacy policy available on the website.