With Mappost, vending companies optimize operational flows and successfully deal with the industry's lack of predictability

Mappost offers a next-generation automated route and resource optimization solution for the vending industry which automates processes and planning, to optimize operational flows and help vending businesses deal with the challenges of day-to-day unpredictability. The solution employs telemetry to collect and analyze self-service point data from thousands of devices and transaction systems like world-renowned Nayax. It then automatically turns input into useful information, creating optimized daily routes for each available operator to service, inspect and restock the machines on time.

Moreover, with the help of its smart prediction algorithms and geospatial analysis, the Mappost system continuously checks stock levels and dynamically combines this data with route and device GPS data and visiting costs, which allows it to anticipate restocking in the most cost-efficient way. This way, some machines can be included in the daily routes even before their stock alerts if servicing them will be cost-inefficient later on, thus streamlining and optimizing resources and efforts.

Mappost’s flexibility and the fact that it will always adapt to the needs, growth, and changing business environment of your company, make it an excellent choice for the future.

Companies that use Mappost’s vending solution report higher profitability, operational process digitalization level, and competitiveness since they register fewer kilometers and driving time. This translates into reduced resource consumption, a lower carbon footprint, as well as happier customers which benefit from increased control over stock management, higher product availability, and fewer human errors compared to the outmoded traditional route planning process.

Why Choose Mappost

Mappost’s vending expertise has been developed over the years, by working with important international players in the industry

We understand the needs of vending operators and their clients, so we offer efficient, smooth solutions that foster business growth

Our system may be integrated with organizations’ ERP, CRM, and vending industry-specific transaction telemetry systems, BI and data warehouses, and more, to ensure complete operability and fully digitalized, transparent operational process

We are a strong, reliable partner that focuses on helping its clients reach their business goals, increase operational efficiency and flexibility

Enjoy The Following Benefits

Automated, customizable route optimization for vending machine restocking, technical alerts, planned maintenance, product deliveries, and other related activities, based on a series of variables like geographical factors, driving time, customer priority, machine availability and access, and the limitations of field staff skills and expertise

Customized, self-adjusting visit times per location, depending on vending machine parameters or location specifics

Automated stock correction and calendar-based substitutability

Live route adjustments for technical alerts and unexpected delays in route execution

Automated product orders, including daily fresh snacks, through integrated data flows from field staff to warehouse

Periodical tasks included based on customizable criteria

Equalized workloads for operators, to avoid social claims

Fully automated task assignments for operators and technicians, based on personalized settings

Reports and statistics regarding:

Visual control of routes (departure time, service time, distance, delay, expected corrected visit time, etc.)

Real-time analytics

Task fulfilment reports

Deviations from the plan

What To Expect When Working With Us?


Attention to your needs

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We start each collaboration by diving deep into the company's needs, its existing operational processes and data structures. Our goal is to fully understand and correctly assess each step in your vending flows and identify improvements so we can agree on the best solution together based on our experience in vending and other industries.

A customized implementation plan

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Once we have a deep understanding of client’s unique needs, processes and data, we develop a custom implementation plan. Here, we take very much into account each client's absorption capacity and possible integrations. This means that we follow the pace of the organization, implementing or approaching things step by step.

Support in data gathering and exchange

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Based on our extensive experience, we assist our clients in the data gathering, exchange and integrations process. Our goal is to build efficient data flows that ensure real-time availability of all necessary data and flexibility to adapt to all future requirements.

Intelligence insights

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We support you in identifying the best ways to gather and analyze intelligence, so as to turn it into information that enables you to improve daily operations and automate route planning, task assignments, orders and substitutions.

Bespoke solutions

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We customize Mappost according to your company’s specific needs and ensure full integration with your ERP, CRM, transaction and task management systems, as well as your data warehouses. This way, you and your team benefit from a secure solution that enables you to fully digitize your real-life operations and benefit from the full control over on-going processes.

Outstanding support

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After the implementation we continue working alongside our clients, assisting and supporting them to ensure the adoption process is a smooth, efficient one and customers can benefit from our experience.