Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mappost?

Mappost is a sophisticated transport management software solution that helps drivers, logistics managers and other transport professionals plan the most efficient routes for deliveries, optimize tasks and correctly allocate resources.

Who is Mappost for?

Mappost delivers custom software solutions across multiple industries that are tailored to each client's specific needs. Our delivery route planning and dispatch management tools have been successfully applied to a wide range of industries, where routes and schedules need constant adjustment to deal with fluctuating stock levels and dozens of other factors.

  • Waste management.
  • Forestry and agriculture.
  • Food delivery for supermarkets, restaurants etc.
  • Vending machine restocking.
  • Parcel and general delivery services.

How does it work?

Mappost offers far more than rival routing software solutions. Our platform uses mathematical algorithms and predictive analysis to anticipate various scenarios and alters routes accordingly. Mappost acts as a schedule optimizer, allocating drivers and resources in the correct places while carefully monitoring changeable circumstances, such as reduced stock levels, poor weather, congestion and much more. 

What are the benefits of using Mappost?

Efficient route planning helps to save fuel, reduce pollution and optimize staff budgeting. Not only that, Mappost boasts a high level of sophistication that allows businesses to anticipate low stock levels, rerouting drivers in the most efficient manner, whilst also giving workers the ability to flag dangerous or inaccessible locations. Mappost integrates seamlessly with existing company systems, including ERP, CRM and IoT solutions (e.g. RFID).

Why can’t I just use regular GPS or Google Maps?

GPS devices and Google Maps can work well for planning single trips, but are unable to compete with the power of Mappost, which can plan, optimize and analyze multiple routes at once, while constantly learning and adapting to individual circumstances and conditions. Going beyond simple route planning, Mappost is able to monitor stock levels, as well as self-service point data from thousands of devices and transaction systems, helping logistics businesses to achieve high levels of efficiency.

What are the minimum requirements for a mobile phone or tablet to use Mappost application?

The Mappost Optimization mobile application is available for installation via Google Play.

Your mobile device must meet the following conditions:
1. Android version 3.0 and higher
2. Mobile Internet connection
3. Support of GPS and/or WiFi
4. Registered Google Account User