Timber transportation logistics and optimization algorithm that processes forestry-specific rules and requirements

Forestry 29.11.2022

"Latvia's State Forests" (LVM) is the leader in sustainable forestry in the Baltic Sea region. One of its areas of activity is delivering harvested timber to its customers - sawmills.

Involving around 150 timber trucks, >1000 timberyards, >100 clients, 60 assortments, and various other parameters, timber delivery planning is complex and unimaginable without automation.

In partnership with LVM, Mappost has developed a timber transportation logistics and optimization solver that processes forestry-specific rules and requirements. As a result, we are able to produce optimized work orders for forestry logistics on a country scale!

Watch the video where LVM Director of Business Systems Solutions tells more about the project (subtitles in English).

The cooperation between Mappost and LVM was carried out as the first-ever innovation partnership in Latvia.

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