How route planning with Mappost helps the city of Graz in Austria optimize its waste management

Waste Management 27.12.2022
Case study

In collaboration with ITG Informationstechnik Graz, Holding Graz – a company that provides everyday communal services for the people and companies in the city of Graz – ensures the maintenance of 35,000 properties and their waste containers across the city.

Since 2018, Mappost software for waste management has been helping to optimize and digitize the process of waste collection in Graz, making the city more livable and comfortable for its inhabitants, visitors, and businesses.

Within the project, Mappost customized its task planning, scheduling, and route optimization system to meet the city's needs, fit into the existing waste collection and transportation processes, and meet certain business requirements of Holding Graz.

Before Mappost, planning was a stressful activity with lots of uncertainty. Today we know we can rely on a cutting edge systems to do the work”, says Hans Schweyer, IT Project Manager at ITG Informationstechnik Graz.

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